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She, a nomadic painter, wanders  amidst the crowd. On her hips are balanced colours and glitters, which will take forms on skin with softness and harmony.

A face, an harm, a back, a neckline, become live paintings. From the tip of her brush and from her imaginative  creativity,  PincelHada  will amaze both young and older.

An encounter, unique, intimate, yet fleeting which leaves behind a subtle, brilliant and colourful echo.

Make-up, necklaces, ephemeral tattoo’s…Allow yourselves to be enchanted by her original creations which will make of you the stars of the day.

PincelHada can be present by day as well as by night, in all seasons of the year, in all places, inside or outside, in all types of events: festivals, historical celebrations, medieval markets, private parties, birthdays…

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